About italktravel Glynde

“Personal service is the key goal for our award winning team”

Located at the Historic Glynde corner and established in the area for over 35 years, italktravel Glynde (formerly known as Jetset Glynde) continues to provide the same exceptional customer service that has given our agency a proud name in our industry & neighbouring areas.

Our long standing relationships with our clients begin with our specialized personal service for our growing retail and commercial clients.

Our award winning team of extensively travelled and knowledgeable staff both domestic and International are instrumental in our success, enhanced by our ongoing long term relationships, built over our years in the travel industry, with key airlines, wholesalers, tour companies and hoteliers.

We are also honored to have the pleasure in arranging travel for a number of schools & colleges along with various sporting, social and educational organizations both, domestic and International. 

As in all industries, the key to a successful business is professionalism, trust and knowledge, key factors that we have always instilled in our work ethics. 

“Our arrangements have given our agency a reputation for hassle free organization and memorable holidays for our clients; no arrangements are too big or too small”

If, we have had the pleasure of dealing with you in the past, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to welcoming and assisting you in our bright new office for your future travel plans, both domestic and international. If you are new to our agency, we look forward to hearing from you, to assist in your dream holiday or business journey.

About italktravel

We are passionate independent retail travel business owners who together form Australia’s newest and most exciting retail travel network.

We are local, yet national from all over Australia and specialise in all aspects of travel. We have the freedom of choice to run our business our way, but with the security and high level support from being a member of the Independent Travel Group part of Australia’s largest group of independent travel experts.

We are innovative and united by our italktravel ‘talk to us’ identity which embodies the essence of great service and travel expertise we offer as your local travel expert.